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3 Things People Lie About in Their Online Profiles


In the virtual world, lying is a common issue. Most of the people lie because either they feel insecure about their present condition, or because they suffer from an inferiority complex that prevents them from being who they really are. People also tend to lie to impress others. There are many things that people lie about in their Online Profiles, be that a man profile or a female profile. But out of all these ranging from age, body shape, choice, lifestyle, etc. there are 3 things people lie about in their online profiles more often. These are Height, Weight, and Income. Let’s talk about these individually:

Lying about Height

Height is one of the common things that many people feel insecure about and that’s why they lie about that in the online profile.  In many research, it is found that men always try to present themselves with much height than reality. Most of them believe that taller men are handsome, especially to the opposite gender. To attract the women many men increase their height from 1 to 4 inches in the conversation and in the man profile.

But, when it comes to women, they do not usually do the same. Rather, they just do the opposite. As short women are considered as more attractive, tall women feel odd about their height and they lie about their height by decreasing that to prove them shorter than they really are. In much female profile, you may see that they look actually taller than they say their height is.

Lying about Weight

Lying about weight is another very common things in an online profile. From the very childhood to the adult age, many people try to give wrong information about it. Skinny people always try to prove them more weighty, while fat people want to show themselves as more skinny than they actually are. People who are skinny tend to post those photos on the online profile, where they look somewhat fat. On the other hand, fat people try to post their slimmest photos.

Lying about Income

Be it high or low salary or income, many people do not feel comfortable talking about their income. There are two kinds of people in this regard. Some prefer to say a lower amount than they actually earn and some just exaggerate their salary and income. In most cases, people tend to exaggerate to make them more attractive to people. They do not realize that there is nothing to hide about their income. This exaggeration is more seen on the man profile than in the female profile.

By the way, the final rule to remember is that there is no advantage of lying in online profiles. When people meet personally and the lie is exposed, it becomes shameful. A person should become more confident in expressing his or her real scenario and information. If you tell that you are slim (than you actually are), this is not going to make you slim. Rather than trying to do some exercise and maintaining a proper diet can help. Similarly, there is nothing wrong in telling the actual height.

If someone is going to love you, he or she will love you no matter whether you are short or tall. And lastly, one should not lie about income. Lying about income will not bring any change. Being true to thyself is the most important thing to remember. Lying about anything decreases your credibility to people.


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