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5 Surprising Ways to Break the Ice


All of us are not extrovert. It is really tough for the introverts to start a conversation with anyone for the first time. It is really impossible for you in a day or two to turn yourself into one who is comfortable in any situations and can break the ice to start a conversation. In this article, we are going to guide you step by step to break the ice following 5 surprising ways that you never thought before. We hope that after reading this article you will know clearly about how to break the ice.   Let’s begin the journey:


Don’t hide the fact that you are nervous:


If you are heavily nervous and try to make others think that you are not, this will really make you more nervous than before. It is very normal to be nervous when it comes to talking with someone for the first time.

Especially if you are on the first meeting with your crush, you may find breaking the ice as hard as coal-mining work. Before starting the conversation, you should educate yourself about conversation starters with your crush. First dating is not like meeting with other people in different situations. It may make you nervous than usual. If you confess to your crush that you are nervous, this will surprisingly work as an icebreaker. If you admit that you are nervous, the other one may feel more spontaneous to bring you out of nervousness. This will help you hold the conversation with ease. You can do the same thing in other situations of life too.


Notice and Comment


Do you get dumb or do not find words instantly? Let me whisper something to your ear. Just be a little careful about what the other person is wearing about, how is he/she looking, and how the weather is. This will make you win the game. If you find him/her beautiful with his/her dress, praise about that. If she has got an amazing or unusual and different kind of name, ask him/her the history of the name. If you think the weather is cloudy, comment on the possibility of rain. All these starters help you to clean the cloud from the sky and break the ice instantly. It is one of the funny ways to start the conversation. Just make sure that you do not make any awkward comment about anything that may offend the other.

Ask him/her to question you:



Why do you think that you should be the only one to break the ice in the conversation? And you are not supposed to talk or send a message all the time. Let your partner give a chance. This works best when you are thinking about how to start a conversation over text. Ask him/her to put a question about you, about your family, about your choice and hobbies and whatever he/she likes to ask. If someone knows that you are really interested to talk, he/she will come forward to break the ice and start talking. Just feel free to ask and tell him/her to ask you questions.


Try to avoid yes/no questions


There are two kinds of questions to ask on the earth. Yes/No questions and open-ended questions. When the replier can reply to your question only with ‘yes/no’, that is called a yes/no question. For example, If you ask someone whether he/she has taken dinner or if she likes a movie, these questions can easily be answered with one word— “yes” or “no”. But when you ask questions like how much he/she loves pets or what is his opinion about a certain movie, he/she can not but answering in detail with information. These are called open-ended questions. These questions can be regarded as an ideal choice when it comes to starting a good conversation of moderate length. Actually, this technique is one of the best ways to break the ice and start the game of talking.


Follow F.O.R.D Method


Do not forget these four letters. If you need to continue small talk, these will come to your help very much. Well, let’s explain what this strange F.O.R.D actually stand for.

F stands for family. Asking someone about family is a good starter tool for conversation. You may ask how many children someone has, whether they have been living here for quite a long time, what does he/she like the most about that city.

O stands for Occupation. You may ask someone about his/her occupation, current work, the most difficult job role etc.

R stands for recreation. Everyone loves talking about it. How someone passes the free time or which game someone likes the most, etc. are the most favorite questions to entertain by almost all of us. Use the chance to go ahead in talking.

D for dreams. Who doesn’t like dreaming? Obviously, every one of us cherishes some dream in the core of our heart. If someone asks us about our dreams, we feel like talking non-stop about what we want to be and what our future dream is about. Use this basic human instinct of sharing dreams in your goal of breaking the ice. I promise you will never get frustrated asking any question of this category.

By the way, there is no shortcut way to be a fluent talker or speaker in life. All you need to do is to practice. Knowing the art of talking and asking questions helps us to make a pattern to follow. It can be compared with the grammar or guideline to help you understand the flow of language, though the language is free.

If you are an introvert and think that you need to know some ways that can help you to start a conversation in any situation, that may be face to face or text to text or whatever, this guide may come to your help by letting you know about how to break the ice. Just follow the surprising ways I just described and start breaking the ice like a pro!


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