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9 things to never do in the first introduce



We meet many people from the different arena and of various types in our daily lives. Whether in our personal life or in professional life or in any other event, we can not live without meeting people everywhere. But, the ways of introducing will vary from place to place.

To speak in a simple manner, introducing in a ceremony will be different from introducing in the workplace. But we are very unconcerned when we introduce someone. Even, sometimes we do not know how to start conversation properly with someone.

Moreover, we perform many incautious acts while we talk with someone for the first time. However, the importance of first impressions is much greater than we can imagine, because it creates an image of yourself in front of the new person. So, here we have come with 9 things that you should fervently avoid and never do in the first introduced.



  • Do not be late: Being punctual in every case is a very important virtue.  Be present within the time at the rendezvous. Do not be late. It will make a bad impression of you to the person you are going to meet at the very outset when the conversation is yet to start.




  • Do not start the conversation without greetings: Many of us are very uncomfortable regarding how to start conversation with a new person. You must start a conversation with others by greetings them. If it is a man, offer a handshake, and if it is a girl, simply say to her hi/hello.




  • Do not show off what you are not: Many of us feel very contented in showing off about himself/herself. That is why they say a lot of extempore words while introducing. Do not do such a thing in front of new people. Rather, find match between you and talk in a civilized and simple manner without bragging about yourself.




  • Do not move your body rudely: The movement of the body or body language is very important in every situation. While you introduce yourself, be careful about your body movement. Do not talk by moving your hands. Do not vacillate your legs. Do not laugh pointlessly. And, do not forget to make eye contact.




  • Do not be more talkative: There are many people who talk too much. But remember that, do not talk much or more than the necessary in the first introduced. If you talk much, the other may get very bored. He/she will try to escape from yourself. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are supposed to say nothing or remain silent all through the conversation. That will definitely be the wrong thing to do. Rather, choose to speak naturally. It is helpful for you if you really care about the importance of first impressions.




  • Do not ask more questions: To continue the conversation, you can discuss some common matters. Besides, you can ask some necessary questions in the first introduction to find match with him/her. But mind it, never ask unnecessary and inconsistent questions. Especially, asking about weight, height, age, salary, etc. should be avoided in all means in the first move.




  • Do not be melancholic: A smiling face is many times beautiful than a gloomy melancholic round face. So, do not color your face with depression and melancholy. If you make your face sad in the first introduced, the other will not show interest to continue the conversation. Be enthusiastic and social as much as you can.




  • Do not be engaged in a mobile phone: Now almost all of us have a mobile phone. This device is essentially associated with our daily lives. Almost always we are connected and affixed with it. So, it is very commonly seen that we cannot take a look at it even at important times. But, you have to keep in mind that, if you are engaged in a mobile phone when you are talking to someone, it will have a bad impression on you and this is a kind of insult to the person of the other end.




  • Do not smoke: Many of us have the bad habit of smoking. Even if you have the habit of smoking, do not smoke in front of the new person at the first introduce. As many people can not endure the smell of smoking and find it disgusting, you should ask him/her first whether he/she has no issue with smoking. You can smoke only if you find a match or permission from the person you are talking to.



So, these are a list of things that you should not do while introducing someone. It is very substantial to keep these things in mind. Because the importance of the first impression plays a vital role in building up a relationship. If you maintain these in the first introduced, you can expose your ideal personality to the new person.


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