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Cool Profile Picture: What It Says About a Person


 Millions of people throughout the world use any of the social media and most of them are fond of using a display picture or what you call a cool profile picture. As not all are same in likings or disliking, they are also different in using pictures in the display. What may seem astounding to you is that a person’s profile picture can say a lot about his personality, even can measure him/her fully. Isn’t it interesting? Let’s play with it.

Different kinds of profile pictures

A profile picture is an amazing gateway to a person’s life and preferences. Now, let’s have a look at various types of profile pictures and their hidden indication.

In love

You, at times, see someone gives a profile picture featuring him/her and partner. What does it mean? Know for sure that they are a newly married couple or they are deeply in love and highly committed.

Social activity

Have you ever noticed a profile picture displaying someone feeding the poor or cleaning roads? Or someone using different kinds of hashtag like #Eatclean, #Greenworld etc.? Well, all these mean that the account holder is a social activist and he/she wants to promote social activities.

Celebrity photo

Someday, probably, you got amazed and frightened seeing Michael Jackson in a profile.  Nothing to worry about. You are facing a die-hard fan of him. There are some who get pleasure using their favorite hero’s photo.

Close to nature

We know people who always choose profile pictures taken in the jungle or in the mountain or in different interesting places in the world. Well, they are people who love to roam and try to be with nature.

Objects of affection

Have you seen a brand-new car or a beautiful cat or a nice-looking guitar as someone’s profile picture? I bet you have. Then what may it indicate? Oh, it says that these are the objects they love most. If you are so and get a car as a gift on your 21st birthday, it will be interesting, right?

Party picture

Do you love the party? Or become tempted when seeing a party picture? The culprits who tempt you thus are certainty party-goers. They frequently go to the party and decorate their profile with party pictures.

Baby photo

You may think of how a baby can operate social media. Wait, it’s not so.  It’s done by a parent who might have become parent recently. Parents love to show their child’s beauty and wisdom(!) to others. A person who loves the babies can also annoy you by sharing kiddo’s photo. Be patient!

Body or muscles

Does it seem odd to you? Don’t be contemptuous. There are a thousand types of people in the world. When you see muscle or a six-pack belly as the profile picture, be sure that the account holder is a fitness junkie.

Group Photo

There are guys who love to be in a group and cherish together. You will see these guys uploading profile pictures where a multitude are present. It’s because they love sharing happy moments.


There are a lot more kinds since billions, at least millions of people, use social media. Let’s make a turn and be somewhat psychoanalytic. We are going to discuss the profile picture personality. Whoa! What this means! Let’s proceed.

The psychological study traced five higher-order personality traits. The amazing fact is that you can distinguish people from these five branches by analyzing their profile picture.  How is it! Let’s see:


If you always choose pictures full of your friends as a profile picture, then probably you are an extrovert. This kind of people like a colorful profile picture, but the quality of pictures isn’t so good.


Most of the girls or women choose a decent profile picture or picture of nature. They may also try to hide their faces.  The reason behind is that they have emotional instability, the softness of heart and beauty.  


According to research, open people take the best pictures. But they are somewhat like neurotics. They try to show their personality instead of physical beauty. If they show face, it will have a sternness.


This type of people is orderly, planned and self-disciplined. They know the best profile picture poses. The pictures of conscientious people are more colorful, bright and lively as they know society expects them to be so. You will probably get only their face in profile pictures in an orderly manner.


People of this sort use a bright, colorful and cool profile picture. Users of this quality tend to have others’ faces in the profile picture as they believe in social harmony and cooperation.

To conclude

I firmly believe that you now have all the necessary details about the profile picture and its relation to personality. And definitely, you can identify the personality of your surrounding people as well as your own personality. So, let’s go and start the experiment without making any delay.

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