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Guys Behavior After Breakup: Dos and Don’ts



If you had lost the most wonderful women in your life or you have just been created by her, you still have a broken heart. Back in the old days, passing the time was simple. But for the invention of social media, the whole scenario has changed.

Often this leads up to creating a big mess around the people you know and also creating a big problem for you. Guys behavior after breakup is not that good or something to behold. Many think how guys will move on after a breakup?

Well, before going to that answer we need to tell you about the dos and don’ts on social media after a tough breakup. You just don’t want to become lame in front of others.

What you shouldn`t do in social media after a tough breakup

First, we need to tell you about the things that you should not do after a breakup. Because if you do some things this will make you a lame person in front of others Yes, we know you are heartbroken, but doing something silly will not help you.

First of all, Stop stalking her timeline

After a massive breakup, it is likely that she will block you. So, you are also not going to give up and stalk her social media account just to get a pick if she is happy or unhappy.

Sometimes out of the curiosity to find her new love. But never do this.

Try not posting it on Facebook

Never post on Facebook after a breakup. You don’t want to whine it to others that you don’t even know. If someone asks you about your relationship, you can tell them you had a breakup. But never try to get the sympathy out of others.

This will ruin the image of your relationship and make things a lot worse. Some people try to post screenshots of their conversation. This is lam actually.

guys behavior after breakupAvoid leaking the personal stuff of you two

What do guys do with social media after a bad breakup? They try to seek revenge for cheating on him. They try to leak some photos that are private. Try not to do that. You will move on right after a few days. Why try to ruin another one’s life?

What to do on social media right after a bad breakup?

We talked about the things that you should not do. Now, what can you do to move on? We are going to talk about them now.

Try to make her your friend

If your relationship ended with a good term, try to keep the friendship with her. This is important. No matter how you look at it, she will be a good friend and you will be able to stay connected with her on social media.

Try to look for some good community on social media

You are not alone. There are so many communities on social media where you will find a lot of people. You can connect with them. Share your thoughts and make a lot of friends.

Make good friends with your older friends

For your relation, you have neglected your friends. Now, it is time to ask for forgiveness to them. By this way, they will help you get rid of your pain.

Anyways, Final words for this

Yes, we know it is heartbreaking to lose the one you lost. But that is not the end of the world. You are having a bad time now. But thinking about the whole situation is important. Try to think about what was the problem and keep this matter out of social media.

The social media is a big place and people finds it comical when you do something silly about your breakup. This will not help you anyway. Try to be natural. Be smart. how guys move on after a breakup.




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