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Is it Real Love? 7 Things to Look For


Are you in love? Well, love is a blessing to human beings. It is really difficult to describe the feeling of love in words. It binds us by the tie of hearts.

Though it is not always easy to understand if you are really in love, there are certain signs that tell that you are falling in love with someone. But, how do you know when someone loves you? Here I am going to tell you 7 things that you need to look in real love:


Love is closely associated with respect. If you really love someone, you will automatically feel respect for her. Love without respect does not last long.

If your soulmate doesn’t respect you, your choice, your attitude and your philosophy of life, it means that he/she does not love you for what you are.

Forgive and Forget

All of us make mistakes. Your soulmate may make mistakes and do wrong to you, but you should not end up the relation for it.

A lover should at first need to learn how to forgive and forget. Forgiving and forgetting the mistakes are qualities that are found only in true lovers.


Trust is the binding force of love. If lovers cannot trust each other, their love will soon fade away. One should keep trust on the other, no matter what happens. If you cannot believe anyone, you should not approach to love him/her.

Doubting is the main culprit for breakup in a relationship. Lovers should keep away from doubt and believing any gossips about his/her soulmate without knowing the reality.

Selflessness and Compromise

One should not think only about himself. One should care about the feeling and choice of his/her partner. Love begins when selfishness leaves away.

For the sake of the soulmate, one even may need to sacrifice own choice and desire. Without compromise, no relationship can go long. It is very important to make a balance between the choices of thyself and that of the soulmate.

Giving Quality Time

It is essential that the soulmates give quality time to each other. Spending time together let them come closer and know each other better. The more time they spend together, the better their relationship becomes.

Your relationship may die in lack of sharing quality time and similarly, it is time that can keep your relationship alive and strong for years. Time lets the partners plan about the future and that leads to building up a better family.

Ensuring Freedom

A good relationship recognizes the freedom of both partners. One should not look down upon each other’s choice and freedom. If someone feels that he/she is not free to make a decision in the relationship, he/she will always feel suffocated and will feel like coming out of the relationship.

Freedom of choice and decision making make people happy. Freedom in a relationship gives one a sense of self-importance that ultimately brings a good vibe in mutual relationship and trust. If someone’s spouse feels subordinated, he/she cannot act spontaneously.

So, you have to ensure that you are giving proper freedom of choice and decision-making to your soulmate. At the same time, you should stay away from a relationship where your partner is possessive and forceful to you.

Love may grow anywhere, but it is absolutely impossible in a place where force and possessiveness prevail upon freedom and trust.

Understanding Each Other

The understanding between the couple is very important in a real relationship. Most of the break-ups are the result of a misunderstanding. Understanding doesn’t come in a day. It takes time.

If a husband does not understand his wife, and his wife doesn’t bother about understanding her husband, their conjugal life will lead only to boredom and trouble. There are certain moments in a relationship when one partner may get angry, even for no reason, the other partner at that time should understand the reason and keep silent.

You may face time when your partner misbehaves with you for no logical reason, you should not get angry straight, rather you should let him/her be cool first. After he/she pacifies, you should make him/her understand your points in a convincing and good way.

Understanding is the key to a happy relationship as well as conjugal life.


Are you in love? If I ask this same question once again here, I think you may answer it easily as you have read the 7 qualities of real love mentioned above. All these 7 aspects are seen in real love and pure lovers. If anything from this list misses, a relationship can not live long. As a lover, you should ensure that you are always trustworthy, ensuring freedom to your partner, giving quality time, respecting her choice and above all understanding and accepting him/her as he/she is. If both you and your partner can maintain these things, you will be the happiest couple on earth.

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